Friday, March 30, 2007

The sky above...

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.”

- Edward Abbey

And who isn't appreciative of the sunset and sunrise (and I do realize there are a lot of people unaware that the sun even does rise, as their day never begins before the rest of the world, their belief is that the sun begins the day already stationed high in the east), and the break in a storm that sends shafts of sunlight stabbing through the shadow of clouds.

The sky... pretty big subject. Like thats what I'm going to write about...

But it is. Because in the sky are the clouds that bring the rain that keeps our streams and rivers, here in Oregon anyway, flowing (I'm not vouching for anywhere else, I have no idea what other areas of the planet do with their clouds, nor do I care). The sky is also representative to many of heaven. A place above the earth, beyond the strife and the reach of greedy human hands, a place that is the realm of the birds and where we only venture with our machines, dreams and myths.

And there are occasionally those who dream of attaining lofty heights, philosophers and engineers, who act and engage in those rare flights of fancy. Wilbur and Orville come to mind, Charles Lindbergh, Tom Hanks (Apollo)... but I'm prone more to the epic and mythological attempts, like Icarus, or... Larry Walters.

Larry holds an exalted place in my hierarchy. His flight began in San Pedro, California, my hometown for over a decade as a kid, until I dodged the military draft by running away to the US Air Force (see, there's that sky connection coming in to play again... can I stay on topic or what!?). And, unlike Icarus who used wax to hold his wings together, Larry is the true 20th century man. He used a Sears lawn chair and helium filled balloons. A true utilitarian (which is not the same as a Unitarian), both practical and adventurous. McGiver with a beer.

Now I'm still not sure after writing the above how this ties into Opal Creek. I mean that was my intent...

Maybe its a sign that I need a Sears lawn chair and some balloons.
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