Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Opal Creek™ Photo Sale

As one who loves the outdoors and who has devoted much of my time to its preservation I am seeking to raise funds in order to establish:

- my photographic career, again, after 20 years in hibernation.

- a non-profit foundation. Multi-cultural and environmentally based, dedicated to aiding groups and organizations with an eye to protecting communities both human and environmental; and to strengthen that which inseperably ties humans to their environment.

- a scholarship fund to be administered at and by the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center in the name of Paul “Tincup” Flores. Aid will be directed towards students seeking a career in wilderness and/or historic/archaeologic human habitat preservation.

Dedicated to and in memory of:

Paul "Pablo" “Tin Cup” Flores

- Last miner, First caretaker

On September 5th, 2004, Friends of Opal Creek mourned the passing of our long-time friend, dedicated employee, and inspiring mentor, Paul Flores.

Known to many as “Pablo” and a few as “Tin Cup”, Paul dedicated much of his life to Jawbone Flats, both as miner for Shiny Rock Mining Co. and caretaker for FOOC.

A memorial service was held in his beloved Jawbone Flats on Sunday, September 12th.Friends and family from all over the country gathered to share tears, stories and laughs, all reminiscent of Pablo. The service was led by Calvin Hecocta, spiritual leader and long- time friend of Opal Creek.

All current sale pics are shown below.

Print prices:

5x7 - $15.00
8x10 - $25.00
8x12 - $25.00
11x14 - $50.00
11x16 - $50.00

25% of proceeds from all pictures sold will be donated to Opal Creek Preserve in the name of Paul Flores.

I would be pleased to matte and frame for you. Prices available upon request. Matted pictures will be signed and numbered. 20 prints only from each image will be printed before the pictures are archived.

Shipping add'l (cost only)

Me? My name is Allan Erickson. Former Jawbone resident, one of the “last miners.”

allan_e@efn.org or (541) 687-0468

Or contact the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center:

Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center
917 SW Oak, Suite 412
Portland, OR 97205

Opal Creek™ is a registered Trade Mark of Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center
All photos © Allan Erickson

NPOs free use w/ photo credit: Allan Erickson
All others with written permission only

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