Tuesday, November 14, 2017



Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.


for the couch:

Pete and Allan

Allan and Jim (NCN )(had to do this one all Nor'westy like...)


there once was a life I sailed the wwwebly seas

on ocean often calm
but sometimes not
with a motley crew
all wisey-kind in cleverish ways
we fought, often for days
against them blarney types
or, against each other
all-friendly-like o' course
and we'd gather
from places far, far away
strangers some
but then not for long
for a brisk skirmish
made friends of those
who stand side by side

those days I sometimes miss
when asses we'd kick
when Malcolm would cry out
"heave to boys!"
and Nemo would point
"thar she blows!"
characters all
would stand as one
(well, maybe 1 1/2...)
dark and bb, ddc
hope and all
I salute yer raggedy
piratical anarchal arses

thanks for the memories