Sunday, July 8, 2007

a poem...

As a writer, and a photographer, my ideal is to combine the two. Like I'm doing here with this blog.

But as a writer, and as a writer who lived through a 20 year writer's block, I enjoy diversity. Diversity of topic and of device. Creativity is a blessing as is the peace I encounter when I'm able to access the creative mind. Call it the muse if it must have a name. Whatever it is, it exists and while tangible, it is immeasurable, unquanitifiable but a definite presence.

"Art" accesses emotion both in the creator and the spectator (the viewer. It arises often enough from thin air, its creation motivated sometimes by who knows what. Yet it comes to be.

Poetry has many styles, many formats. A free form as varied as the world's colors it too is substantial yet has an existence that goes beyond its form.

This picture is from last week, here at home at the very first rising of the sun over the hills and mountains of the Cascades. The poem was written this morning...

And I like the way that looks enought to post another, the photo from the Ems game at Civic Stadium on the 4th of July this year, the poem is another written this morning:

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