Thursday, August 23, 2007

Around the farm...

When humans were young, they were pushed around in strollers. When they were old, they were pushed around in wheel-chairs. In between, they were just pushed around.

~ Tom Robbins (Skinny Legs and All)

It has been a very mild summer here in Oregon. The days still have the same number of hours and the sunsets are still mid evening... but the wind blows almost all the time, keeping it cool in the eves.

I'm almost done with Eugene Emeralds season and have been posting pics over at the Ems picture blog, check 'em out, there is some good stuff there.

These were shot yesterday, early evening, sun low on the horizon. They've been plowing the field and I caught these images of the John Deere in "action" discing the fields. Of course the great light on the roses was a distraction as well.

As always, photography work is wanted, almost any of the images here (or at the Ems pictures blog) are available for sale. Weddings, portraits, events of any kind... I will provide excellent images at a fair price.

Thanks for visiting! I'll be doing more writing soon, so far all my clicking on the qwerty has been for other endeavors.

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