Friday, December 8, 2006

What hath I wrought?

Well... good morning or good day, good eve perhaps, after all, in the cyberwwworld it can be just whatever old time you want it to be. I'm new to this so bear with me while I figure out the mechanics of this blog-o-sphere stuff.

I've needed a place to throw my own rants and a place that I can call home for awhile now and, well, I guess this is it. I'll be adding links to my favorite haunts, discussing news and trying to drum up some new business for my new business.

"What business is that Allan?" you may well ask (and at this point I'm probably talking to myself but part of my insanity is that I don't care!).

Why, thanks for asking! I was just waiting for someone to ask that question!

I'm a photographer, at least I used to be. And I want to make it my vocation again. And that, dear friends is a large part of this donut. Hopefully, it isn't the hole in the donut. So take care, come by whenever, eat the donuts if there are any... and, thanks for stopping by...

Oh... and if you are so moved by the beauty of the images I provide here, they are for sale. Contact me!


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