Saturday, March 10, 2007

Busy busy, spring has sprung...


I've been so busy with many things. Today... will not be quite as nice as tomorrow is supposed to be weather-wise (and goodness knows what the universe will throw my way...), but still nice. The sun is kinda out. I've got a flock of about a thousand geese out in the pasture and I'll have to get out there and milk 'em soon. Goose Milk® has a small market niche here in Eugene...

And I'd sure like to find the family in the portrait at the top of the page. Ran into them last year at Opal Pool and they asked me to take a picture with their small camera. It was out of film (or I couldn't figure out how to use it) so I offered to take a nice portrait and gave them my card and told them to email me. They didn't and thats a really nice informal portrait that I'd like to get to them.

The musician in both B&Ws is Buster B. Jones. I caught these shots of Buster at an event put on by my friend Paul Biondi, a local, Oregon sax (etc) player. The event was the the Musicians Emergency Medical Relief Benefit held last fall at the Secret House Winery about 20 miles west of Eugene on Hwy 126. Anyway... Buster is a finger-pickin' ball o' fire! I tell you what... this man can play. Check him out.

And of course anyone in need of photographic services... contact me, please. I want the work and you could use the quality! Or else why would you be here at my blog?

Anyway... today I'm just posting some random pics for your perusal. Enjoy your day.

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