Saturday, September 13, 2008



“A world community can only exist with world communication, which means something more than extensive software facilities scattered about the globe. It means common understanding, a common tradition, common idea's and common ideals.”

~ Robert M. Hutchins

This blogging stuff is interesting. It remains its own phenomenon with many many people unaware that such a thing as a blogosphere exists.

Looking at the map of visitors is interesting... I mean for me, I know who some of those dots are. But I'll be darned if I'm aware of who all you other folks are. We've had visitors here from virtually every continent. And I'm sure not going to speculate why or how folks from Colombia and Australia and Brazil and Germany and Norway and Iceland and Mexico and Canada and... well... thats pretty cool.

Hey neighbor! S'up?

When I think about other places and other nations I know that the people there are what the Firesign Theater came to call:

Just Folks...

Firesign Theatre being a bunch of very wise men. Or is that wise guys?

Anyway... I know we all share the same basic situations. We have families and friends, and just folks we care about. We are all the same. And its not you and I, or you and I, its not any of us, that have problems and differences we have to settle with F-15s and RPGs. I mean I can only speak for myself but I sure don't see a need for all this militarized b******t our world's governments continually demand we keep them stocked to the hilt with. Heck, nobody needs to attack us here in the US, we're pretty good at killing ourselves. Wait long enough and we'll do ourselves in. And then you can have all the 7-11s.

You know right, that Lewis and Clark's whole mission was to scout locations for 7-11s? Think about it...

So, no pictures, just this short post about y'all. Its nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.

(Looking at that map again... I must've pissed off Russia and most of Africa. Oh, another thing... since I didn't make the extras' casting call for her movie last summer in Portland I still haven't heard from Jennifer Anniston. Poor girl, must've broke her heart...)

[edited to add]

OK... I've posted about 30 pics of the Eugene Celebration Parade over at my photo blog.

Enjoy... this is a people's parade. Several local celebrities showed up, pols Bobby Greene, Peter DeFazio, Mayor Kitty Piercy, mayoral candidate Jim Torre... even Barack Obama showed up... and the green goddess made time from this season of ripening produce.


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