Thursday, November 4, 2010

2011 Calendar sale... is over... but the calendars are still for sale!


“The Gods cannot help those who do not seize opportunities”

- Chinese Proverb

The sale ended Nov. 14, but I'll sure post it here when they have another one! But the way RedBubble has the calendars formatted you can have it start at whatever month you want and it will still be a 12 month calendar... so if you purchase one in April, you can have the calendar start in May. Pretty cool...


Seeing how I have 4 to choose from (counting last year's, which is updated to 2011 dates) and naturally, I'm gonna tell you they're all beautiful and loaded with my best Oregon nature images:

‘Allan Erickson's Oregon ’

‘Oregon - clouds, sky and light - Allan Erickson’

‘Oregon waters...’

and my newest (my fave by the way...)

‘Cannabis Beauty - Allan Erickson’

and while I'm pitching... remember that there are a lot of folks like me who are artists and every time someone buys one of their/our works it is an acknowledgement we all savor...

(note that sale ends on November 14th)

Thanks folks, for stopping by and visiting my humble corner of the wwweb... anything else is old pie and melted ice cream!

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.”

- Joseph Campbell


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