Friday, September 14, 2012



The strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the fear of resistance

~ Thomas Paine

... it's been awhile. Hard to say really why the long absence. Stress and distress probably. Maybe the fact that I spend a lot of time studying up on my topics and putting a good blogpost together takes more time... and I don't get a cent back for my labors...

I know - waaah...

Another possible reason for me not posting in so long is that lordy lordy the whole world has really gone kinda whack and where do I start?

Problematic, of course. I could just start at the beginning. Duh...

... but which beginning? What start? Did the whistle blow? Did someone do a countdown? I don't like to start in a fog of confusion, I much prefer a cloud. Fog is however the perfect descriptor... when we're standing in the middle of it, it doesn't have a beginning, or an end. It's just kind of all around. Kinda like I've felt with the question to myself of where to start.

Of course there is also the point to be made that where I start is irrelevant. There is just sooo much to talk about that I could, literally, start anywhere I please. Which sounds pretty reasonable.

Well let's start off on a good note... photos! Yes... I still am shooting

These are from a quick overnight trip last year up to Davis Lake on the east side of the Cascades, pretty much due east of my place here.

(And remember, most of these images I post on the blog are all for sale over at my RedBubble gallery, as greeting cards, post cards, and matted or framed prints. The quality is outstanding and I'll vouch for it, I'm my own best customer.

How's that for a start? Easy on the eyes and the brain.

And I'll be back... I mean it's an election year!

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