Monday, January 29, 2007

Morning visitors...

Today is one of those that I just have to interrupt, again, my Opal Creek musings.

I just stepped out my front door and saw my daughter's cat, Loki, sitting by the door and a tad freaked out... ears back, looking up. I peeked out and looked up and sitting at the top of the doug fir in front of our house is a bald eagle. 60 feet away (I did the math). Loki ran in, I grabbed my camera and leaning out a bit I snapped off two before he flew off. The pic here is the best of the 2. Shoot, I can retire now.

I've watched out my front window the comings and goings of the birds cleaning up the carcass of a dead ewe out in the field. A couple of days ago I watched 3 ravens get into a fist fight and wrestling match that got pretty intense for a bit. That same day two bald eagles also showed up. I got off one picture with the camera but it was a long way off (1000 feet?) and definitely not worth sharing.

This morning I saw one of the eagles land in a tree along the 1/4 mile of gravel road that is my driveway. Thats when I decided to step outside with my binoculars. Thats when I saw Loki looking like something wanted to eat him... Just now, an hour later, he went back outside. And yes, he looked at the top of that doug fir...
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