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“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

- Joseph Campbell


I know, I know... what can I say, it's been a tough past few months.

I've started and stopped several posts, just wasn't feeling it. Not that I haven't been putting my words down... I sold my first piece of writing last fall to the newly launched Cannabis Now magazine. More writing, including some of my photographs from my trip last fall to High Hopes Farm in southern Oregon will be in the next quarterly issue (I'm hoping I made the cut for the cover!). The images from that trip are what inspired me to produce the Cannabis Calendar:

(by the way... my calendars have the feature of having the current month, or any month you choose, be the first month in the calendar. If you want to start your calendar in April or May or June...)

I will be posting more, soon. There is lots to talk about.

For instance... why are Republicans - like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker - going after middle class workers like teachers, cops, municipal works employees and firemen when absolutely none of our elected reps at any level are going after the Wall Street high finance types that sent our economy into the worst dive since the Great Depression.

From The Hill:

"The combined costs of lost income and wages, and federal government spending to mitigate the financial crisis, totaled more than $11,000, on average per U.S. household, during the acute stage of the financial crisis -- from September 2008 through the end of 2009," the group stated.

"In addition, the combined peak loss from declining stock and home values totaled nearly $100,000, on average per U.S. household, during the July 2008 to March 2009 period."

Pew also noted that the U.S. lost $7.4 trillion in stock wealth from July 2008 to March 2009, according to the Federal Reserve.

"This is roughly $66,200 on average per U.S. household," Pew stated.

That manipulated scheming stole over 2 trillion dollars from Americans' retirement savings. Yet Wall Street bonuses in 2009 were over $20 billion...

My suggestion? Republicans and Democrats both need to make a pilgrimage to the Emerald City. Republicans should ask for hearts, Democrats should ask for balls.

In 2009 self-help "guru" James Ray was leading a *cough* Spiritual Warrior retreat in Sedona, Arizona (for only $14,000 each!). 3 people died from participating in an obviously ill managed faux sweat lodge ceremony. Ray was arrested early last year and his trial is currently underway. There has to be a cost to Ray (besides the penalties for his costing 3 people their lives) for such a cultural misappropriation... the sweat is one of humanity's oldest ceremonies and health and hygiene practices. Of course tricking people out of their hard earned cash is an ancient tradition as well... but people aren't supposed to die from sweat lodge!

There is just so much news happening around the globe... North Africa and the Middle East are really undergoing a sea change as people finally are speaking out and rising up against autocratic rule. A note to the men of Egypt... y'all better recognize the women who stood beside you in the streets, who in fact helped orchestrate Egypt's uprising against Hosni Mubarak's 40 year rule. If you demand the rights of a free people, why or how can you deny the same equality to the women of your nation?

The other day I was reading that China has the world's largest mall. 1500 store spaces and almost 10 million square feet! The Not-So-Great Mall of China: Welcome to the world's largest (and loneliest) shopping centre

As it happens only 15 stores are occupied...

And yes, I am a photographer, for hire. My photographic art is always for sale and I am definitely interested in full time photographic employment or contract work. Here are a few of my latest images:

a couple of weeks ago, Golden Garden park, Eugene, Oregon

2009 Eugene Celebration Parade

Crump Lake, Warner Lakes Basin, south central Oregon 1993 (digital transfer from Kodachrome 64)

Another image from my High Hopes Farm trip, autumn harvest, 2010

And, as almost always... any of these photos are for sale at my RedBubble gallery - blank note cards starting around $3, postcards, laminated posters, framed prints... go take a peek.

And it won't be months before I return. I swear...

“I am a possibilist. I believe that humanity is master of its own fate... Before we can change direction, we have to question many of the assumptions underlying our current philosophy. Assumptions like bigger is better; you can't stop progress; no speed is too fast; globalization is good. Then we have to replace them with some different assumptions: small is beautiful; roots and traditions are worth preserving; variety is the spice of life; the only work worth doing is meaningful work; biodiversity is the necessary pre-condition for human survival.”

- Robert Bateman


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